Fast Four


I’m on a roll this week on the blogging front. The sun is out and I feel like a new person. Here’s to longer days and warmer weather!

Love Taza is living the dream in NYC and now she’s selling some of it at Target! Naomi created a really thoughtful luggage line for the entire family and I seriously want all the things. I did buy the this bag and camera case to use for work. My camera is subjected to a lot and I’m so excited to have a safe place to keep it. This will also be great for the warmer weather when I’m MoGoing around town. This has also given me wanderlust – I would love if we could get out of town for a few days, fingers crossed.

It is freezing around here and I’m counting the minutes to spring. I found this playhouse on Pinterest and I really hope Danny is able to build one for Lucas.

How cute is this drawing? I can’t get enough Kate and Meghan.

Round 1 and 2 of the NCAA Tournament are in Detroit (Go Green!) and I wrote a Top 10 article for After 5.  I don’t say this lightly but I really think it is a quintessential Detroit to-do list so I hope people read and enjoy.

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