MoGo Detroit


After a decade plus cycling hiatus I’ve taken to riding a bike multiple times a week thanks to the MoGoDetroit.

There’s no such thing as convenient parking in the city these days and now that I’m downtown (and without the federal parking lot), I have to get creative. I decided to check out the MoGo bike share and I LOVE it!

The first day I was nervous I wouldn’t even remember how to ride a bike. Fortunately, frustration due to a couple hiccups with the system tempered my nerves and when I  finally unlocked the bike it was smooth sailing. Turns out the whole ‘it’s just like riding a bike’ phase is not hyperbole.

I now depend on my Transit app to unlock my bike and seriously wonder why everyone isn’t obsessed with a bike share system. I could gush for hours about how great it is (and how I wish there was a child seat on a few bikes so I could use it with Lucas) but instead I’ll list a few reasons why I’m a fan.

Why I love MoGo Detroit

  1. It is SO cost effective! To ride for a day it’s $8, to ride for a month it’s $18 and an annual pass is $80. It is priced so that people can realistically afford to use the service! As someone on a budget I am so appreciative of this.
  2. It’s convenient. There are 43 stations across the city that have a dozen bikes to borrow (and they are really good about making sure there are always bikes at all stations).
  3. It’s practical. There is carrying space for my work bag to be strapped in. I could go for a cup holder too but I won’t be picky.
  4. It’s stress free. I’m always worried about my car – where will I park, how much will it cost me, will it be vandalized, stolen, or victimized by parking enforcement. I NEVER have to worry about the MoGo. I bike to where I need to go, lock it in and head on my merry way.
  5. They provide customer service. When you call MoGo someone answers the phone! A real live human. The ability to problem solve can be hit or miss but I really appreciate the fact that when I call I can always talk to someone.
  6. Bike lanes. Detroit has transportation challenges but I think we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to accommodating bikers. I NEVER thought I’d feel safe biking in the street but the designated lane on Cass – green sidewalk paint and white above ground street barriers – give me confidence to ride in the street when I need to.

If you haven’t tried the MoGo you absolutely should. It is undoubtedly the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to get around the Renaissance Zone.


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