I don’t think work-life balance exists. I think you do the best you can, when you can.

Being a working mom isn’t easy but I think it’s good.* I want Lucas to have a strong work ethic and – hopefully – he’ll learn valuable lessons from seeing me work. Nevertheless, I know that he hears me say I have to work a lot and he doesn’t like it (although he has taken to emulating me).

A bonus for my new gig is that I only go into the office four days a week and Fridays are Lucas-Mama Days (he’s learning the days of the week and knows Fridays for this reason). We spend the day together and go on little adventures. He gets my full attention and we go at his pace and follow his lead.

I don’t set an alarm and we get up when he’s ready. There’s no need to rush so we can eat as many cheese sticks and watch as much Elmo as he wants before we head to the farm, zoo or park. I set my expectations for the day aside and if he wants to play at the drinking fountain and climb on rocks instead of checking out the lions 10 feet away – then we play with the water fountain and climb rocks.

The memories have been amazing and I do snap some phone pics for keepsakes (but I try to keep the phone away). I hope Lucas loves our days together as much as I do and it balances out some of my working-mom moments.


*Staying at home is good too and if I had that option, I probably would so it certainly isn’t a negative statement for SAHMs.

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