A weird thing happened this weekend, I felt like myself. It was like a light went on that I hadn’t even realized was off and it felt great. Life has been stressful and I’ve felt blue but I wouldn’t have really said I was depressed depressed. I suffered serious teenage angst and learned to counter it with forced positivity (e.g. the picture above is from a couple weeks ago). It would seem that it has become such a natural habit that I didn’t even realize there was something wrong. Whatever it was and whatever the reason, it’s passed and I feel great! The hardest part is that this funk has prevented me from enjoying my family like I want but now I’m so excited to play more, cook more and really embrace our time together.

Cooking // I broke open my Smitten Kitchen cookbook and made some amazing ribs and parsnips. I LOVED cooking before Lucas was born and want to get back to making real family meals at least once a week. I also want to get her new book!

Wearing // Aunt Margaret bought me the best sweater and workout pants. I’m hoping I’ll be motivated to put on make-up for the former and break a sweat in the latter but if not, at least I’ll be cozy!

Watching // Dear White People. Just like Blackish – don’t be fooled by the title. This Netflix show is multi-layered and demonstrates the complexity of blackness. Also – watch Blackish.

Eating // the Napalm pizza at Pop + Offworld is $3 a slice and SO good!!! It’s National Pizza Month and I think I’ll bring one home for dinner…

Drinking // We went to Browndog for our first real date-night since Lucas was born (i.e. we went out and I didn’t rush to get home) and it was the best! I love their ice cream so ice cream cocktails is definitely my favorite way to drink!!!

Loving // The wall collage I finally started in our basement. The problems of the world are overwhelming and this allows me to remove the burden from my shoulders while I’m at home without forgetting about the challenges we face in this country.



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