St. Patrick’s Day Fun


For years I’ve admired all the festive things Jessica Garvin plans for her girls during the holidays. I haven’t done too many extras yet with Lucas because he’s been too little to understand, he still is, but I want to get in the habit now so that when he is old enough I’m on my A game.

This month’s fun was for daycare. I like to bring in treats (usually donuts) as a token of our appreciation for the teachers but this month I thought I’d switch it up. We’re bringing in a little pot of gold, a lucky penny and a wish of good luck for some scratch off tickets. For the kids I made a rainbow Rice Krispies treat with extra marshmallows for clouds.

The difficulty level was very little.

  • The hats were from the dollar store
  • I put the Rice Krispies (with Frutty Pebbles) in a circle pan and cut it in half
  • The marshmallows are on toothpicks

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