L is for….


My mom the hardest person to shop for. Similar to myself, she doesn’t feel the need to have stuff just to have stuff so I usually don’t worry about it but this year was a milestone birthday so I figured I’d try. Last fall Danny and I tossed around some big ideas – Hawaii and Disney World for example. Well she turned us down (and then went to Hawaii with B) so I honestly completely forgot about her birthday until I was reminded of it a couple weeks out.

I’d seen a craft on Pinterest where you use tape to spell a word, paint over it and remove the tape. I pinned it for a general project but then considered having Lucas do it and spell Grandma. Then I thought I’d do 50 and write 50 memories with my mom in the numbers.

After consideration I thought she might not want 50 hanging around and decided to do a Roman numeral. This thought came to me at 2am when I thought V was the appropriate Roman numeral – imagine my delight when I told Danny my plan and he told me 50 is L.

L is for 50, Lucas and Love!

I was so excited about the gift that we spent time 3 nights in a row having Lucas paint. He likes a lot of things but painting isn’t one of them.

My mom is amazing and has done countless things for me in my lifetime but I narrowed it down to 50 standout occasions. I created a list of memories and practiced writing them out to make sure it was the ‘perfect’ fit.

I had Lucas surprise her with the gift (because I was too excited to wait for her actually birthday the next day – a family trait) and being the wonderful mom she is, she has it hanging in her house.

I love you mom!


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