Month 4 Round II


It’s not that I’m not excited for a new baby but it’s more overwhelming than before. I have more to worry about (how Lucas will adjust, how I’ll manage, not dying in child birth) and less time to devote to being exciting. Plus being pregnant dominates all conversations when people know or at least know you know (Danny’s family knows but thinks I do’t know they know so didn’t bring it up) and I don’t want advice.

How far along?  16 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I don’t want to know, hopefully not too much.
Maternity clothes? Nope
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Well I frequently sleep on a ‘beach’ with Lucas but he’s a good cuddle buddy.
Best moment to date: The baby kicking yesterday (10/8) after I dropped Lucas off at Grandpa’s – sibling rivalry already.
Miss Anything? Energy! And ability to drink something that gives me energy.
Movement: Yup
Food cravings: Very specific things each day
Anything making you queasy or sick: Living – nausea is better but still there.
Have you started to show yet: Not really.
Gender: I really think it’s a Sam
Looking forward to: Knowing if it’s a Sam or Scarlett


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