Our Dining Room

dining room (4)The best part about getting older is that things start to fall into place. I find this to be especially true with home decor. In our previous homes I’ve rushed to do some things that turned out to be unnecessary (mainly because we moved soon after). This time around I’ve taken the slow and steady approach (I also have no time so that could also be part of it…). I recently shared our kitchen (my favorite space) and now our dining room.

I love having people over for dinner and having a dedicated dining space was my #1 house requirement. When we looked at pictures of the house on Zillow I thought it was a real dining room. In reality it is ‘open concept’ with the living room. Not my favorite thing but when weighing the pros and cons I decided it was good enough.

We put up a chair rail to make it a more distinct space and have been slowly adding more elements. The final step has been curtains (a great deal at West Elm). Between the curtains and the wallpaper, I finally feel like we have a dining room. There are certainly a few more pieces I want to add on the opposing wall but it’ll come with time.

How it looked on Zillow:

Image may contain: indoor


Moving Day:

dining room


Update Part 1:




dining room (3)





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