Fast Four

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Weekend throwback edition:

Roseanne premiered this week (it was also renewed for another season) and it was more than I hoped for. I love John Goodman and Dan Conner is my favorite tv dad so at the end of the day just seeing him again was all I needed but after watching the show I realized I needed more – and it delivered. Roseanne dealt with tough issues in the 90s and disrupted stereotypes, it looks like it will do the same in the 2010s. America is having a hard time, we’ve become too divided and too sensitive, Roseanne is a reminder that we’re still the same people we were before teh 2016 election and we all need to laugh.

Dawson’s Creek won’t be coming back (and I’m glad because some things should remain untouched) but the cast reunited for Entertainment Weekly and I’ll probably buy it because Josh Jackson will always be one of my favorite crushes.

Danny Masterson was a favorite of mine for years but given the news stories that’s kinda been ruined. However, I’ve come to appreciate his That’s 70s Show castmate Ashton Kutcher. He’s really impressive and an example of why you shouldn’t pass judgement on people. I recently listened to his podcast interview with Dax Shephard. It’s a little long but worth the time.

On a final throwback note, my West Wing peeps got together again to promote voting. I love that they like each so much and often come together for these kinds of projects. I know Martin wants a reboot and I bet Netflix could do it well – as long as Stockard Channing is involved, I’m all in. And if you need to find some hope that government can do great things (even with flaws) watch reruns – it is on Netflix.

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