Fast Four


I’m ending my break from blogging. When I decided to stop, the events of the world left me feeling frivolous with my extra-curricular activity but since I stopped I discovered something – blogging can feel superficial but it really does help me to be a better person. Recording my actions and activities motivates me to do more things and try new things. I did plenty of things this summer but I was also lazier than I like to be. I also stopped taking pictures and I don’t like that. When people ask to see Lucas I don’t have a great selection to choose from these days and I hate to think that I’ll look back and miss these good times. So here I am back at it, at what capacity time will tell but in the meantime, here are something I found interesting this week.

I can’t see Barack Obama’s picture without tearing up (video leaves me bawling like a baby), I don’t know how we got things so wrong. Nevertheless, I think I will check out some of the books on his summer reading list – Educated: A Memoir/ WarlightA House for Mr. BiswasAn American MarriageFactfulness.

I didn’t realize Lin Manuel Miranda was back on Broadway in Hamilton – too bad he’s not touring since the show will be in Detroit next year! This interview with him and William Daniels is sweet, although I will admit Paul Giamatti is John Adams to me (if you haven’t seen it you must!).

Another reason to blog – easy reference for recipes! Mr. B loves French Dips so I made this recipe and everyone loved it. I added onions and green pepper to the crock pot and would recommend it cooking for 7hrs on high if you use 4lbs of meat.

Every year I look forward to A Cup of Jo’s Motherhood Around the World series and this year’s is no disappointment. Not only does it give me new ideas for parenting, it really makes me want to travel the world!

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