Life in America

I live in a Rogue Nation, one that is torturing children, alienating its allies, joining the shallow ranks of Iran, North Korea and Eritrea by withdrawing from the United Nation’s Human Rights Council and so many more unbelievable atrocities. It’s surreal.

My everyday life is honestly fine. I feel safe and I’m with the ones I love but I know and dread the fact that it can change at any moment. I knew the world as I knew it ended on 11/9/2016 but I’m not sure I even thought these things were possible in my worst case scenario. I can’t begin to imagine how much worse it will get but I know it will.

One day (if humanity survives) people will look back and wonder what were average Americans doing when these horrific acts were taking place. They’ll look at us in the same way we look at Germans who supported Hitler or who turned the other way and lived their every day life while millions were being murdered in their backyards.

I’m not turning the other way but I am living my every day life. Should anyone look back at my life I don’t want them to wonder why when America was burning I thought it was important to showcase recipes, day trips and home updates online. For that reason I’m taking a break from the blog.

I want to spend my time where it counts most, with my family, because we don’t know what the future holds and I can’t waste a precious moment of security and stability with my guys.

I hope that there is more goodness in this country than we can see right now and that these tragedies are a lesson we learn from and become better after. Unfortunately only time will tell…

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