There was a rare warm day not too long ago and we got our family photos taken at a nearby park and I LOVE them! Danny takes such great pictures of other people, it’s nice that we have some good photos of our own. Other things I’m currently up to….

Excited to get organized for the new year. Sam will bring big changes so I want us to be as situated as we can be. My fav blogger, did a 30 Day Decluttering in November that I’m going to work on this month.

Eating a lot of turkey and not because of Thanksgiving.  The Turkey Mondulo at Stache is possibly my favorite sandwich and we’ve had extra excuses to go lately because of a special project we’re doing.  Related to that project, we went to Foundation Hotel this weekend and their Turkey Club was delicious. If you are looking for a place to eat in Detroit – both are worth the trip.

Shopping for the boys. Between Lucas’ old clothes (thanks Sheila!) and everything my mom buys, I don’t shop much for Lucas and can’t justify buying much for Sam either BUT I did get them coordinating outfits on Black Friday for a future photo shoot. Lucas // Sam and these sibling shirts were sold out on Black Friday but they’re back in stock and hard to resist.

Reading nothing at the moment but I’d like to read Harlow Giles Unger’s Lafayette and John Dingell’s new book The Dean. I interned for JDD in college (and it led to my job with Levin) so he has a special place in my heart for that reason alone but he really is an amazing public servant and, if you’re on Twitter, really funny. Since everyone is doing it (and it sounds like a great read) I also want to check out Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

Making monogrammed pillows for the boys. I made Lucas a Cap shield tummy-time mat before he was born and wanted to do something special for Sam too. Since I don’t want Lucas to feel left out he gets one too. Doing an L was hard and surely easier than S so we’ll see how this works out… I’m also making a snowman shirt for the Hakalas’ annual holiday party this weekend.


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