The 24 Day To Christmas


December is so exciting as a kid – the countdown to Santa, parties at school, family gatherings, an endless array of sweet treats. It’s the best time of the year and possibly life. But once you reach a certain age, December is nice but not quite as special and into adulthood more work than reward.

That is until the contagious joy of a little kid is back in your life. Lucas is finally at the age where he is excited for Christmas and all the activities it entails. That means the work doesn’t feel like work to me but a chance to make him smile. Joanne’s had an Advent calendar on sale for 70% off and I couldn’t resist. I put together a list of daily surprises or activities for us to do and I look forward to making it a new tradition for our family.

Here are a few things I plan to keep in the rotation:

  • A Christmas Book to start the month: We read books every night and I look forward to establishing a nice Christmas collection for us to read each December.  This year I went with household favorite Sandra Boynton’s Merry Christmas, Little Pookie
  • Livonia Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting: We do not live in an exciting city but I think a hometown tradition is fun.
  • A special Christmas ornament: Our tree downstairs is festive and I want to decorate it with ornaments that represent their interest of the year, this year it’s Rocky from Paw Patrol.
  • Bring donuts to school or friends when we can’t bring things to school.
  • Go downtown to visit Santa & Cadillac Lodge with Grandma: My mom takes Lucas on more seasonal activities than we do – she’s a little obsessed 😉 – and we like to take her with us on our trips downtown since it isn’t a place she’s inclined to go solo.
  • Attend church with Granny: We aren’t regular church goers so making it one Sunday in December will be an occasion for us….
  • See a holiday movie at the theatre: Every time Lucas sees the commercial for The Nutcracker he asks to go so that’s this year’s pick.
  • Put together the manger with Grandpa: As previously noted, Catechism is not our strength so this will be a memorable learning experience with Grandpa.
  • Donate to Salvation Army: I want to do more service activities as the years go on but taking Lucas out the house is still a chore so we’ll keep it simple and make a monetary donation at our local grocer.
  • Wayne County LightfestWhen I was a kid we put on the Christmas cassettte and cruised down Hines Drive and I love doing it with my kid(s) now!
  • Bake cookies: I cook with kiddos from an early age, so Christmas cookies are a must!
  • A Christmas movie: It’ll be fun to watch some old favorites (I’m thinking The Year Without A Santa Claus this year) eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate at home.
  • Sing Christmas Carols: Another childhood tradition of mine, we had lyrics of Christmas songs printed out and would turn off the lights and leave on the tree for a song fest. Lucas loves to sing – especially the 12 Days of Christmas so I think he’ll enjoy this one.


The face of a kid who hates getting his picture taken and really wants to watch Paw Patrol in peace… he was excited when he got his book…

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