I use the month of November to be thankful. A few years ago we started the tradition of the Thankfulness tree (although altered slightly) and this year it was bigger than ever. Every guest that visits writes what they are thankful for – we get one-word answers or epic poems – and hangs it on the … More Thankful

Christmas Cookies

It’s officially winter in Michigan.  Our first snowstorm of the season.  I think it’s the earliest we’ve had in a while.  The roads are awful!  If I wasn’t use to snow I’d be freaked out.  No salt and no plows!  Amazingly, I saw no accidents to or from Cara’s house.  A true miracle because it’s … More Christmas Cookies

Bee Sting Cake

I had twenty people over for Father’s Day brunch this weekend.  I love having space to entertain and things went really well.  I decided to try my hand at a cake again for the occasion.  Normally such feats don’t end well so I don’t know why I decided to brave a rather complicated recipe.  Nevertheless, … More Bee Sting Cake

Happy New Year!

Danny said he wanted to play BSG everyday during Christmas break and he darn near got his wish.  We played nearly everyday!!!  Then we ended up playing this xBox game Nick introduced us to call Peggle.  I’ve basically spent the past week playing games.   We invited Brett, Lindsey and their girls over to Mom’s … More Happy New Year!