Happy Friday/Happy 4th


It’s that time of year again.  America’s birthday a.k.a. the time Americans spend their evenings wondering if it’s fireworks or gunshots filling the night air.  As frustrated as I usually am with this country I’d still rather live here than most places, so here’s to another 238 years!

Best part of the holiday is the nice long weekend!  Lots on the agenda but honestly all I want to do is write.  What I wouldn’t give to be a better writer and do justice to all these stories – alas.   The weekend agenda is as follows.  BBQ with the in-laws and game night with Mom and B today.  Tomorrow we visit my favorite place in the world, Greenfield Village, for Salute to America. Sunday we might go to church on the Eastside and I’m hoping to get tickets to a Detroit City Football game!

P.S. My favorite American

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