A Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We bought a real camera last week and Danny has been learning photography tricks.  I’m really impressed with his skills and super excited to have better pictures on the blog.  
I’m partially Irish and feel obliged to celebrate my heritage on St. Patrick’s Day.  I also feel older and as a recently married person I want to introduce family traditions.  
For those reasons we started off the morning with Lucky Charms cereal.  An added bonus was the chocolate special.
I didn’t eat much during the day because I knew we were having a delicious holiday dinner.  After work Danny went to Mudgie’s in Corktown for a corned beef sandwich.  Their sandwichs are fantastic and in my opinion essential on St. Patrick’s Day since Corktown was originally an Irish neighborhood.  

For a holiday miracle Mom came over for dinner!  When I told her I was making french onion soup she was intrigued and agreed to try it.  Mom almost never eats my food so this was a profound victory.  Better still she enjoyed the meal and brought really cute ramekins.  

Like most people I LOVE a Shamrock shake; however, I can’t bring myself to eat at McDonald’s anymore.  To satisfy the craving I made a shamrock shake and whipped cream to go with it.  I was hoping to get mint bitters but it was impossible to find in a store so I had to used a couple drops of food dye.  I don’t approve of it on a normal basis but it is a special occasion.  To end our evening we had an Irish car bomb – it’s the only time I’ll drink beer.

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