Getting to Know SJP

I LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker.  She seems so confident and classy.  I admire her style for being unique to her – not because it’s something I would copy.  And Carrie Bradshaw is the only reason I don’t completely hate my name.  For all those reasons I was embarrassingly giddy to find this video on Pinterest over the weekend.
The fast-paced Vogue interview takes place in SJP’s NYC home and it’s fun.  It was interesting to see what her house looks like.  It looks lived in but not quite kid friendly.  Those sophisticated New Yorker kids can get by with only a kid gate by the stairs.  Aside from the peek inside her place here are some other interview highlights…
Her description of NY: Symphonic, tiny and real
SJP’s favorite movie of the last 5 years is Melacholia.  I’d not previously heard of it but now I’m thinking it might be something for movie night with Kat.  Although I’m sure she’s probably already seen it, so if not that one perhaps Hitchcock’s Rebecca?
I also never heard about the television program Getting On.  She didn’t specify if it was the BBC or HBO version but I’ll guess network loyalty and go with HBO.  Since it takes place in a geriatric extended care wing at a hospital I think it might interest Cara.  We’ve never watched a tv show together but this could be a winner. 
I’m officially placing her “to read” book on the International Literary Project: North America list.  Prayers for the Stolen is written by an American who was raised and lives in Mexico and the story takes place in Mexico.  I’m leery that this will be a repeat of The Kite Runner but I’ll try it.  I’ll also try Jane Jacob’s The Death and Life of Great American Cities.  A classic written by an American expatriate living in Canada. With those two I have the continent covered.

Per SJP’s advice I’ve downloaded a Word of the Day app.  It can’t hurt to broaden my vocabulary.


  • We like the same pizza: sausage, pepper and onion.  The thought of it makes me hungry.  I’m on my own this weekend so perhaps Gina will feel like pizza for movie night Saturday.
  • She prefers milk chocolate!  I don’t know how anyone can prefer milk after having dark chocolate.
No surprise: She likes jazz music and reads the New Yorker.

One thought on “Getting to Know SJP

  1. I haven't seen Melancholia yet (it's in my Netflix streaming queue), but I'll save it for our next movie night! And some people prefer milk chocolate to dark–I wouldn't read that much into it 😉


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