Weekend in South Bend

Danny and I are Michiganbound unless Mom suggests a road trip.  As I find myself changing so does she and lately she’s been on a travel kick.  The latest trip was much shorter than our last and pretty close to home.  To celebrate her birthday we went to South Bend to wander around Notre Dame and see Million Dollar Quartet.  It was a great getaway and a very relaxing weekend.
It was a 3 hour drive to the campus and I was stunned by how beautiful it is.  The buildings are gorgeous and so well maintained that I couldn’t tell if they were really old or brand new.  It was colder than we hoped but not so bad that we couldn’t walk around.
The purpose and highlight of the trip was the Million Dollar Quartet at the Morris Performing Arts Center.  The story is based on the real-life jam session with four Rock & Roll legends: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.  We didn’t know any thing about the show going in so it was a pleasant surprise to learn about the history of Rock & Roll and Sun Records.  Our balcony seats left me with the feeling that we were peeking in on the original night in December 1956.  The impeccable performance by the actor portraying Johnny Cash didn’t hurt either.  I would recommend the show and suggest that you don’t rush when the curtain closes.

We certainly didn’t go without eating in South Bend but I can’t say I’ll be craving anything except the mascarpone gelato from the Notre Dame bookstore.  Carmela’s at Macri’s was ok.  I enjoyed the lobster ravioli but the rest of the food was average.  The Americana pop at Chocolate Cafe was great and I’m thrilled to learn you can get it in Michigan.  Unfortunately, the dessert wasn’t and I didn’t finish it.  Tippicanoe’s brunch was a special treat.  The mansion is gorgeous and the food delicious but I think buffet style meals can only be so good.  I think everyone’s favorite “meal” was the hotel cookies.  If you’re ever in South Bend stay at the Double Tree and eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you can get!

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