Christmas Cookies

It’s officially winter in Michigan.  Our first snowstorm of the season.  I think it’s the earliest we’ve had in a while.  The roads are awful!  If I wasn’t use to snow I’d be freaked out.  No salt and no plows!  Amazingly, I saw no accidents to or from Cara’s house.  A true miracle because it’s a free for all on the roads with no indicator of where lanes are.  
Now that I’m safe and snug I can report on mine and Cara’s massive cookie undertaking.  We spent 4 hours baking and it was a lot of fun.  We did it a couple years ago but didn’t find time to do it last year.  This time I  brought two recipes and Cara had three.  They turned out well and I’m sure they won’t last long.  The gingerbread was my favorite.  The Eggnog Florentine didn’t turn out exactly like I hoped but Danny likes them so the jury is still out on whether I’ll try it again.  Cara stuck to tradition and made peanut butter blossoms, thumbprint cookies and chocolate peanut butter balls (not pictured).  There is nothing healthy about this stuff but it is delicious and great for the holiday!
The most memorable moment involved the peanut butter balls.  Cara doesn’t have fancy kitchen equipment and when her hand mixer broke she turned to the potato masher.  Matt came to the rescue and hooked the beater to his drill!  And this is why I’m coming to them if there is an apocalypse – very handy people! 

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