Freezer Meals

I know a lot of people who swear by prepared frozen meals.  Since I love to cook I have been reluctant to give it a try; however, since I like to prepare myself for an unexpected future and I’m taking December off I decided to give it a try.  
A short deviation from my December vacation, I spent Friday preparing meals for Danny to have on hand this month.  Yes this slightly defeated both my day off and my break from cooking but what can I say? I’m a bit of a control freak.  Although I will admit preparing a lot of meals at once didn’t take a lot of time (2 hours total I would guess) and perhaps is better on the budget (I’m not sure yet), I don’t anticipate this becoming a regular thing.  Thus far I’m underwhelmed by the flavor of the food.  We had the Dijon chicken and I didn’t love it.  That may be due to my elitist palate because Danny loved it.  The goulash was fantastic (I recommend egg noodles) but we made it outright and didn’t freeze it.  The burritos will do when we need a snack.  The rest is to be determined.  In case you’re curious the links are below:
  1. Maple Dijon Chicken
  2. BBQ Chicken
  3. Cafe Rio Chicken
  4. BBQ Spareribs
  5. Quesadilla Casserole filled burritos*
  6. Lazy Lasagna Chili
  7. Goulash

*For convenience I used the casserole to fill burritos. I wanted something quick for Danny to eat after the gym.  

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