A Very MERRY Christmas!

I’m so in love with my house right now it’s probably indecent but I don’t care.  As far as I’m concerned it’s perfect and could be a holiday window at Macy’s.  I’m very particular about my decorations.  I decorate my tree myself because I don’t want it messed up.  I let Danny put tinsel on the tree years ago and I’m still regretting it because there is still tinsel on my tree!!!  We string lights around the walkout door frame every year but this year we added lights to the kitchen window and banister.  I picked up some little stockings to hang too. I LOVE these stockings because normally you have big stockings that are mostly empty.  These are perfectly filled with a reasonable number of goodies.
Since I’m taking a “break” in December we haven’t had many people over to enjoy our decorations and that’s disappointing; however, I’m excited for Christmas because Mom, B and Aunt Margaret will get to see them.

Our dining room chairs!!! They are perfect!  I love the mirror too.  I found it for $20 at Kohls.

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