A Memorable Weekend


I took some time to decompress this weekend and it felt good. We stayed close to home for the most part and even though I didn’t check off nearly as much of my to-do list as I hope I did a little cleaning, got in some running and lots of quality time with my guys.

One of Lucas’ favorite books is Just Me and My Dad. Danny decided the holiday weekend would be a great time to go camping like they do in the book so before Lucas came home from daycare Thursday we set up the backyard with his new sand/water table and outdoor toys to kick off the weekend. He loved the table but not the tent – we sat in it for the duration of a family video (which is my favorite one thus far so I’ll share the clip). He also LOVED his pool (which you can see here). We definitely have the makings for fun summer days and nights at home.

Another highlight was playing games with Lucas. Zingo is picture Bingo and Lucas is really good at it. He basically plays for everyone and it’s so much fun for us to watch him search the boards for the picture – it’s the perfect game for little kids. Another game he loves to play is Cars 3 Memory (similar). He LOVES Cars 3 and plays with his toy cars ALL THE TIME so when I saw the game for $3 in the Target dollar section I couldn’t resist. He’s played memory before and fairly well but not as well or with as much enthusiasm as he does with this version. He doesn’t play it exactly right – he picks one car to find and then flips cars over one by one to find the match (but he keeps them face down after he sees what car it is). We spent a lot of time playing the game and I loved it.

I also loved watching The Secret Life of Pets with him because he imitates the hotdog (as seen in the family video clip). He loves making funny noises and accents. He has evolved ‘Doh’ (a la Homer Simpson) to a series of ‘Doh, Donuts, Dole Whips’ all on his own. He’s too much cute.

I also enjoyed some quality time with Danny – he joined me and Lucas on a long walk, we played some Pixel Junk Monsters like our early married days and we stole literally two minutes laying on the picnic blanket outside alone together (in true parent life it felt like an eternity and it was perfect).


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