Mama-Lucas’ Day: June Bucketlist

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I’ll admit there was a lull in Mama-Lucas activity during the winter months. It had less to do with the weather and more to do with poor planning. Lucas likes to take it slow in the mornings on Fridays because being a homebody is in his genes and he doesn’t want either of us going to work/school. The result is we never get out the house early and when we’d arrive at our destination he’d be sleeping. I’d call Danny for a car picnic and then it’d be time to head back home.

Lately, I’ve been getting us out the house earlier so nap time is no longer a problem and just an indicator that it’s time to wrap up and head home.

I’m going to start recording our activities on LittleGuide so I have to step up my game and try planning a little more. Here are the items on our June To-Do List. See how well I can capture the moment, follow LitttleGuide Detroit on Instgram – and the blog too!

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