Mama-Lucas Day: Donuts @ Palmer Park

Lucas Palmer

You know what they say about the best laid plans…

We didn’t make it to the Historical Museum today. Once again Lucas fell asleep in the car on our way to the museum. Danny and I ended up having a car picnic with food from Stache (the best restaurant anywhere) and he remained asleep until a while after we arrived in the driveway. He is disappointed he won’t see ‘Doc Hudson’ at the museum but I’m making it up to him by letting him watch Cars 3 now.

Our Friday activity was instead a trip to the donut shop and a stop at Palmer Park. I had a morning meet-up in Ferndale and since I was taking Woodward to downtown and it’s National Donut Day, I thought a pit stop to Dutch Girl Donuts was appropriate.

The popular donut shop is a grab and go spot with no seating, Lucas showed incredible restraint by holding his donut bag until I drove down the Avenue to Palmer Park. He managed to wait until we found a table by the log cabin before diving into his donut. We relaxed for a bit and then he said hi to the Detroit Police Department’s horses.

Before exhaustion got the best of him, we went on a short walk to explore the park and found my favorite painting at the DIA, in an InsideOut exhibit. Aunt Sharon had a small print of The Nut Gatherers  by William Adolphe Bouguereau in her house and Aunt Margaret has it now. The painting always reminds me of both of them.

It was a fun, spontaneous trip that provides a good reminder that not everything needs to go as planned and short stops can be special.

The Palmer Park Art Fair is this weekend and always a great time to visit the park, if you want to check it out – be sure to get a donut too!

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