The Royal Wedding


My favorite picture from the royal wedding. Nothing says fairytale more than this and it wasn’t even staged. Harry and (Rachel!?!) Meghan seem in love, I hope they have a happy life together.

The wedding was definitely more ‘Blackish’ than I expected and I wonder how the Queen felt about it. You’d think she would have to approve everything so I find it fascinating about the message being sent and the broader implications. The Royals are very forthright about the ‘magic’ involved in their role and its importance/value. The wedding was magical but it was also very human. I think/hope the Windsors are so popular that they are secure in their roles (I love the monarchy and am all for the ‘long game‘) but the rest of the titled families lose relevance when ‘commoners’ keep entering the fold and it intrigues me.

On to funner ‘scandals’ the kisses were sweet. I remember waiting all morning for that shy balcony kiss with Will and Kate!

Other Kate comparisons. I liked Kate’s dress more but I think they are both stunning. I read that Meghan’s was a tribute to American royalty, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy – I’m not sure I’d taken that route given their longevity but I appreciate the simplicity. I think she was very conscious of not roughing the water and appealing to a broad audience, the veil including the Commonwealth was a nice touch. The reception dress was a stunner. Both great choices for a thirty-something American bride in England.

I was bummed there’s no pictures of Kate at the reception because I wanted to see what she wore. I loved her wedding choice but it wasn’t new – I feel like she was trying to not steal the spotlight like Pippa but she might also be a tired mom with too much to think about.

Kate didn’t outshine the bride but I think Kitty and Amal made a run for it. Also Danny is really setting a trend with beards…

The official photo with the flower girls and ring bearers crack me up because it resembles a Pinterest fail more than a royal photo.

I think it’s silly that people are going crazy about Prince Charles showing kindness to Doria, he always appears friendly with people. Regardless, I hope it endears him to the general populace, he gets a lot of slack and I don’t think it’s fair. I’m anxious to see if him and Camilla have a bigger role in The Crown this next season because they fascinate me too. I’m curious about their very complicated romance because they seem so happy together and that they’ve always been together. Final Charles note, I think he looks like his Uncle David (unfortunately?).

Final memories:

  • The Queen is AMAZING! There really must be magic in that bloodline.
  • Philip is a tough cookie too! I thought he was going in for hip surgery, not recovering from it.
  • It was fun to see Oprah but I was surprised the Obamas were there since we know they have a relationship with Harry.

Here’s to more royal engagements next week and fashion inspiration.

Image result for harry meghan kiss

Image result for kate middleton reception dress

group photograph of Prince Harry and Meghan surrounded by bridesmaids and pageboys

Charles walks arm-in-arm down the steps outside the chapel with both Ragland (left) and Camilla (right). 

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