What’s New in Detroit Vol. 1

Since I write about Detroit constantly on After 5 and on LittleGuide, I often feel like I’ve ‘been there done that’ and the blog gets left behind. So here’s my attempt at playing catch up. Coming your way:

  • Great places to eat
  • Popular places to drink
  • Fun things to do in Detroit
  • Cool things to do with kids

I’ll kick things off with development news. When I first started the blog a single restaurant was a big deal – now it’s impossible to keep up (seriously)! There’s construction everywhere from rehab to new builds in the city and in the neighborhoods. Detroit has a long way to go (and honestly, sometimes it feels longer than others) but these projects give you hope, keep you excited and leave you wondering what the city will look like in a few years.

Detroit West Riverfront
This project will take a few years to complete but once it’s ready it will be amazing! The Detroit Riverfront has transformed in recent years and it’s hard to believe there wasn’t any recreational activity going on two decades ago. The Conservancy has done an incredible job and I look forward to many fun days and nights along the river.




Atwater Beach
As noted, the Riverfront Conservancy leads the charge when it comes to transforming the city. This project is set to be completed in 2019 and looks amazing.


Joe Louis Greenway
This project is the only reason I could ever foresee myself running a full marathon. The 26-mile trail through Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park and Dearborn would be awesome.


Dequindre Cut Freight Yard
Another Riverfront Conservancy project and the final piece of the Dequindre Cut. This is the picture of the Cut at Eastern Market we took in June 2014. Here’s what it looks like now – permanent space for pop-up restaurants and retail that extends the footprint of Eastern Market AND connects it directly to the Riverfront.


Beacon Park
Another completed project, Beacon Park offers more green space downtown and gives life to an area that’s still being developed. It’s located across the street from one of my favorite restaurants in the city – Parks & Rec – and Lumen opened this year and has one of the best patios in the city. They host great events for adults and families, including a DCFC Soccer Tot League I desperately wanted to register Lucas for but he was two months too young – next year! Best of all – it’s not hard to find parking!


Some other exciting projects:

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