Currently I would argue that in addition to love you also need high volumes of caffeine, sleep and a vacation (a staycation would do). I’m drowning in activity these days and failing at my main new year’s resolution…. it was a rainy day for last week’s flower party and I was more exhausted than chipper but the pictures look great and my bouquets are still alive.

Eating breakfast foods. I made my favorite french toast recipe for the party (and Walmart had apple cinnamon brioche loafs that were perfect) and cheesy hash casserole. For the Royal Wedding I’m going to my an English Breakfast for me and mom.

Watching the Royal Wedding of course! Danny is so over it but what can I say – a princess who looks like me has a lot of appeal and provides a lot of motivation to get off the sugar. I’m scrolling through pictures and articles – this is my favorite photo gallery 

Loving Jamie Foxx. He’s never been on my radar beyond the fact he’s been secretly dating Katie Holmes for years. Anyone is better than Tom Cruise so I never questioned it but after watching him on Colbert, I totally get it and good for her.

Buying shoes! of all things. Target is hard to resist. I saw these pink, laceless sneakers and since my only laceless sneakers are too small but I wear them anyway because they’re laceless – I had to get them. I also picked up these sandals because I’m old and high heels are less appealing.

Planning on doing more fun things with Lucas. I see fun events on LittleGuide every day but I’ve been horrible at getting him out the house. It’s not entirely my fault – I’ve tried taking him to the Michigan Science Center on two separate occasions but he keeps falling asleep in the car! Third times the charm.


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