Just for laughs

I found this priceless interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin promoting season 4 of Grace & Frankie and it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. These ladies are hilarious and I can’t wait to binge Netflix this weekend (and eventually watch Jane in Five Acts). Here are some interview highlights.

On their similarity to their characters
Lily: I didn’t think I was like Frankie until we started doing these interviews. Yes, she’s like Grace.
Jane: I love Grace but I’m nothing like her. <— SUCH a Grace thing to say.

On the documentary in Jane in Five Acts
Lily: Am I in this? Is this what I did at your house three years ago? Did they keep my part?
Jane: Yes. Not all of it but they used it.
Lily: That’s one thorough documentary.
Jane: I’m sure they’ll do one on you when you’re dead.
Interviewer laughs at Jane’s suggestion she’ll out live Lily.

On taking the part
Lily: When they called I took it right away – I needed the money. Then I asked who was playing the other role and said okay, that’s fine.
Jane: She’s serious. She needs the money. She gives it all away to strangers, animals, she always has strays in her house.
Lily: No, no. Jane is very generous. She once gave 14 million dollars to a university, she had to ask for it back because she was getting a divorce….

Ted Turner
Jane: The other day he said to me, ‘you know Jane, you can get by on a billion dollars’ – and he was serious.
Lily: Tell him to give me 2 million and see what it’s like to live on 998 million.

On Lily’s extensive knowledge of Jane Fonda 
Lily: I spend a lot of time introducing her at award shows.
Lily: I can tell you that as a young child she had a mantra, ‘I can make it better’ – she really did have that.
Jane: Aw, you read my book.
Lily: Yeah, could you autograph it for me?

On the state of the world
Jane: The earth can’t handle the population, we need to lose 4 billion people.
Lily: Trump might take care of it.

This ladies are hilarious and admirable. They dedicate so much of their time and money to helping others – including the food service workers in Michigan! Grace & Frankie is my happy place and if you haven’t watch it you should. It’s a modern Golden Girls, but can you believe Jane and Lily are literally 20 years older than Bea, Betty, Rue and Estella were when they were playing their roles?

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