Fast Four

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Life is busy. One day it won’t be so in the meantime I’m embracing the chaos and doing my best. We’re going to see the Avengers tomorrow and I can’t wait but totally can wait at the same time. I fear my beloved Captain America will die and I just can’t. MARVEL is my happy space and I don’t know how much happy we’re going to get.

We took Lucas to Greenfield Village this weekend and it was so much fun. The Henry Ford has always been my happy place and I’m elated to share it with my two favorite fellas. Lucas LOVES trains and was thrilled to go on a ride.

I’m addicted to house projects and with the warmer weather I can’t wait to finish up a few things. One time consuming but budget friendly project I have in mind is painting Lucas’ play area in the basement white (and our entire storage area). I want his area to have a little more charm and when I saw this poster I melted. I haven’t bought it yet but I want to – he loves animals and would go crazy for it.

The sun is out and most of my clothes don’t fit so I’m looking forward to running. I know it will be hard at first but worth it in the end and I’ll be so pleased once it gets easier. I desperately need running shoes and I love these.

Once upon a time I did an International Literary Project, it got lost with life but after finding this book list of recommended reads by Ambassadors I’m anxious to start it again. In the meantime, I’m reading Eunice and it’s wonderful.


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