It’s been a busy year, so even though I had hopes of separate blog posts for a few of these topics, it looks like it’ll just be this bulk post.

Loving this dress! Leanne designs one each month but this one is breath-taking and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Reading  The English Wife. Danny selected it for my Book of the Month for Christmas and it’s my first suspenseful thriller I could not put it down.

Eating  ‘Real food’. Something about being 30 has altered my brain. I feel driven and decisive in a few areas and wanting to eat better is a big one. I’m not implementing harsh changes but I am planning on a slow transition to eliminating processed foods from our diet and limiting sugar.

Planning  I’m also planning on improving our carbon footprint. I found this list and feel inspired. In 100 Days of Real Food I saw Lisa brings a crate to the store to avoid grocery bags and my mind was blown – how have I not seen or heard of that idea before?!

Doing 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Danny. He suggested it and it’s such a fun way to spend time together! We are also lifting weights at the gym so it’s a nice balance of what we both like.

Watching  I’m excited to watch the Winter Olympics. I was never a huge fan but joined B and Kat on their Olympic fandom during Sochi. I really can’t wait for 2020 because then I will do all these fun things with Lucas.

Anticipating anxiously and with excitement Lucas’ 2nd birthday. Initially I was going to do a ‘When Dinosaurs walked on Sesame Street/Thomas’ theme but now I think it’ll just be dinosaurs – he LOVES them! He also loves birthdays. He makes me a Lego birthday cake multiple times a day, then has me make him one and sing him the birthday song. This Sandra Bouyton book will be a hit I’m sure!

Waiting for Black Panther to come out (and Jessica Jones and Avengers). MARVEL kills it always and I need some power over poverty right now.

Writing in a journal each morning – Tom Hanks and David Sedaris inspired me. It’s nice to de-connect and not use a computer. It’s also part of the reason I haven’t blogged as much lately. I’m expressing myself privately and in this overshare, social culture it’s refreshing.

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