Our New Christmas Tradition

We started a new Christmas tradition this year.  My new minimalist mentality has left me drained by the holidays.  Spending time with people is so much more important than buying things but I feel like that’s what the focus becomes.  I think children get so much stuff they can’t appreciate what they have and accumulate too many things that are never used.  I also think that if you expect a lot of expensive fancy presents you stop appreciating the smaller things.  
When I read Andrea’s blog post about Christmas presents I felt like I found exactly what I’ve been looking for.  She gets her kids gifts from categories: 
  • Something you want
  • Something you need 
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
A gift from Santa and Christmas pajamas.  I immediately forwarded the idea to Danny so we could adopt it.  I see no need to wait for us to have kids and decided we’d start this year and include Mom and B in on the fun.  It was such a refreshing way to shop.  There isn’t a price limit so you can shop for what you think the person would like and since there are only 6 items to be purchased you have to be thoughtful about the choice but aren’t bogged down by picking up “one more thing”.
I enjoyed shopping for Danny, Mom and B and I think they liked their gifts.  Danny blew me away with his selections for me and I have to share.

Want: BSG Season 2 soundrack – I walked down the aisle to Roslin And Adama 
Need: Black clutch – The BEST present ever.  Danny picked out EXACTLY what I love without any direction by me.  I could have just gotten this clutch and been happy!
Wear: Sports Top – I want 4 more of these!  This is the perfect shirt for the gym.  Long sleeves so you don’t have to touch gross machines but it has ventilating mesh so you don’t get overheated.
Read: George Orwell’s 1984 – A very thoughtful suggestion from Danny because he wants me to read science fiction and he knows I have a classics preference.
PJsJersey Pajamas –  Honestly I picked these out for myself.  They are so comfy and I’m glad Danny listened to me and bought them.
Santa: Wood Frame – There was a little miscommunication with this gift but I’m looking forward to putting it to creative use.

2 thoughts on “Our New Christmas Tradition

  1. I'm glad you had fun with the Christmas gifting this year! It looks like Danny did well for you 🙂

    Also, 1984 is an awesome book. I'm surprised you didn't have to read it in high school.


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