Play Ball

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it looks like we might get a little spring weather around here. Even with the nip in the air we are taking advantage of the longer days and spending lots of time outdoors. Lucas loves sports. Since he was a baby he’s enjoyed watching Sports Center … More Play Ball

Fast Four

It’s been another busy week but here are some great links I’ve seen online: The reality of working motherhood that I confronted head-on this week. Mayim Bialik hits the nail on the head in her vlog about science and religion. Last weekend we made this BBQ chicken recipe and it’s delicious. Hillary Clinton at her best. … More Fast Four

Time Flies

It’s over. 12 weeks went by in a blink of an eye and I head into work tomorrow. I have a great job and work with amazing/supportive people, so my dismay is not at all related to that – I just don’t want to leave my guy. I’ll be away from him longer in one … More Time Flies

You’ve Got Mail

I haven’t purchased yet but I did set up an email for Lucas that can be used on resumes in the future. Professional reasons aside, it’s also a way for me to communicate with him now for the future. I sent him an email about his baptism, why we selected his godparents, my religious … More You’ve Got Mail