Week One Essentials

When I was pregnant I searched blogs and Pinterest for baby essentials that I should have. I never found a perfect list but I did pull together different suggestions and feel good about what we have. Now that I have been able to put things to practice, I thought I’d share a few items that I am loving for both of us.

My number one essential is the Baby Care Log app. It’s free, user friendly and tracks feedings, diapers, sleep and more. I only track feeds and diapers but it is VERY useful! The feeding especially because you can track each side – I refer to it every couple hours to know what side I’m on.


  • This nursing bra from Old Navy is a must. I can wear it under a t-shirt or dress and have easy access for feeding. Best of all it actually provides support even though it is all fabric.
  • Granny and Auntie brought me silk pajamas set when they came to visit Lucas and I didn’t even know how much I needed it. It’s easy to feed in and also lets me feel more like a person and less like a milk machine.
  • I never bought maternity underwear so having a c-section left me in quite a predicament. The (in)famous hospital mesh undies are great but you only get so  many. Since the incision is at my bikini line, high-cut is a must and these fit perfectly (I did buy a size up).
  • I’m happy to say breastfeeding has been very easy for us so far; however, the first few days were rough before milk came in. Honest nipple balm really helped ease the discomfort between feedings.


  • My first delivery nurse was fantastic and suggested that if we had a Boppy we ask someone bring it to the hospital. Mom and B picked it up on their way and it was great to have around. It offers arm support while feeding and is a great resting place for Lucas when he’s sleeping and/or I want to admire him.
  • Nightgowns aren’t just for mama. It took Lucas some time to adjust to the process of being changed. He’s mellowed out a little but it’s not uncommon for him to cry and we think it is because he’s cold. Consequently, the activity of zipping him back in to his outfit isn’t easy. A gown is a great way to keep him warm and is especially useful in the middle of the night when we don’t quite have the energy for clothes. We also really like the snap onsies. It’s really easy to undue only a couple snaps remove his legs, change the diaper and have him dressed again.
  • As rookies we thought a changing pad was enough but that is only the case if you want to wash it often. It took us being home for a half day before Danny went to the store for changing pad liners to protect against wiggling feet that make a mess and blow outs.
  • We have one of these swaddle blankets close at hand at all times. Lucas likes to be wrapped up and it’s lightweight so that he doesn’t overheat. It’s also convenient when we have company and he gets hungry.

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