Daddy Danny


I can’t hide how much I love my husband. He’s perfect and I feel lucky every day to be his wife. I never had any doubts that he’d be a great dad but he has far exceeded my expectations.

During my pregnancy, he took care of me but was not the overly enthused father-to-be many people wanted him to be. His sympathy for my discomfort was variable and his interest in feeling Lucas move never met my own. He insisted it was because he felt that it was a tease because he wanted him born already and it turns out he wasn’t kidding.

From the moment Lucas was born, Danny has been completely love struck. He tells him at least a dozen times a day how much he loves him and tells him all the things that they are going to do together. He checks on him all the time and holds him every chance he gets.Lucas is the first baby Danny has ever been around but he dived right in with every part of his care. He does almost all the diapers, changes him and soothes him when he’s upset. I almost think he worries about Lucas more than I do! He’s his little buddy and there is absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

As for me, Danny has been equally incredible. We are/were pretty modest people and both went into the hospital with the idea that there would be some modesty involved. Childbirth is not a modest process and Danny was at my side for every minute comforting me and encouraging me. I knew he was the only thing I really needed to make it through delivery and I was right.

Recovering from a c-section is not easy. I could not have done it without him – especially the first day home. He waits on me hand and foot without me even having to ask. He’s kept the house clean and cooks delicious meals while making sure I have any snack I could possibly think of. He’s incredible and I know things will be tough when he returns to work next week.

The sweetest moment was when he went to the store and came back with a card and Starbucks gift card from him and Lucas for me. I feel so grateful to have these amazing fellas all to myself.


This is my favorite picture, Danny’s ‘how many pictures are you going to take face’ and Lucas’ ‘please no more pictures mom’ protest.


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