Happy Friday!

12829407_721629521306566_4839132065635041818_o (1)

Growing up I always wanted a daughter. A few years ago I realized that was not a guarantee and I better brace myself for a son. I thought I was mentally prepared for no preference when I was pregnant but not quite. When we learned our baby was a boy, I wasn’t over the moon. I knew I’d regret those emotions and decided to do some retail therapy to get excited about our little man. That wasn’t the best idea because boy clothes shopping is painful. The selection is small and mostly hideous but I did find this outfit that I didn’t hate. Now I love it (and will keep it forever even though it was a victim of a blowout – fortunately, the pants cover up the stains). I love Lucas so much I can’t imagine having a girl. He’s my perfect little boy and I’m so happy I’m his mom.

This weekend we’ll be staying in and enjoying our life as a trio. Danny went back to work today and I’m sad our leave together is over; however, I much prefer him using his time when I go back to work so we can postpone daycare. Nothing exciting going on over here but it’s completely wonderful!

P.S. An excessive number of Lucas pictures

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