Play Ball

Baseball 050917_9

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it looks like we might get a little spring weather around here. Even with the nip in the air we are taking advantage of the longer days and spending lots of time outdoors.

Lucas loves sports. Since he was a baby he’s enjoyed watching Sports Center with Danny. He learned to kick a soccer ball last week. And months ago my Mom bought him a basketball hoop and t-ball set. Of all the sports, baseball seems to be his favorite. He puts the ball on the stand himself and swings the bat (generally with one hand but we’re working on the two handed swing).

Time is flying by so quickly, I feel like I’ll blink and be at t-ball practice for real. As much as I adored baby Lucas, toddler Lucas is so much fun. It’s amazing to watch him learn, grow and become his own person. I’m looking forward to the long summer nights ahead and fun sporting adventures in the backyard.

Baseball 050917_8Baseball 050917_12Baseball 050917_10Baseball 050917_7

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