Motherhood defined


Friday night Kat asked how I would feel if Lucas grew up to be a Republican. Without hesitation or doubt, my answer was that I would have failed as a mother if that happened.

It isn’t a political statement, it’s moral one. At this moment in time the Republican Party has demonstrated that it will chose hate, fear, and greed over love and compassion. The only substantial way I will judge my ability as a mother is to teach Lucas to love above all else.

I want him to love all people, regardless of their faults or how they have hurt you.

I want him to accept discomfort and sacrifice for the benefit of others.

I want him to refrain from judging others for their actions and make sure his are always done with the intention to do the most good.

I do not think this is easy.

I believe in nature as much as nurture and I accept that it may not be his natural inclination; however, I don’t accept it as an excuse.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31

There is an extent to which we can chose our feelings but we can always chose our actions. We may not understand why another person behaves a certain way but we are all human. Life circumstances can change in an instant and we must always think ‘what if that was me’. Lucas was named for Luke and I hope he carries his message of love in his heart.

Fear begets hate. Greed begets hate. Hate begets hate. Hate leaves a stain on your soul. I was entrusted with a beautiful soul and it is my duty to protect it.

Lucas can have fears and prejudices – we all do – but if I don’t teach him how to recognize those feelings as a weakness and train him to treat everyone with kindness, I will have failed as a mother.

And while it may not seem cheerful, I feel at ease knowing without question the lesson I want to instill in my son and how I want to be defined as a mother.

Although she didn’t intend to, Kat gave me an awesome Mother’s Day present. Thank you Kat for always having the right words when they are needed.

*Lucas temperament matches his red hair – the best photo we could get of him this weekend was in the carseat but look at that smile…


3 thoughts on “Motherhood defined

  1. I read this pledge yesterday: “I will not raise my precious child to kill your precious child. And if it is within my power, I will not hand over my beloved child to others to kill your beloved child or to learn how to kill the one you cherish.”


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