Samuel Anders


Our little Sam Man came into the world the day after spring began and he’s perfection. Life was so hectic and busy throughout the pregnancy that besides for being very sick in the beginning, I didn’t get bogged down by it. As low-key as Sam was in the womb he is outside of it.

He loves to sleep and it’s a struggle to get him to wake up and eat. Consequently he’s lost a pound and we’re going to the doctor a lot. That issue aside he’s in great health.

He’s a cuddle bug who literally wrapped his arms around my neck for a hug while we were in the hospital. He isn’t a crier generally and will stop crying if I’m holding him – all that to say he makes me feel very loved.

Sam is the spitting image of Lucas except his straight black hair and his royal blue eyes (Lucas’ are crystal sky blue). He’s very alert and serious and I can’t wait to learn more about him.

He’s also got a mischievous vibe to him. He seems to relish in my frustration with getting him to wake up and eat and will give the most charming smiles before giving in. I  can also foresee him getting into when he’s older and flashing a grin to get out of it.

As we wait to learn more about Sam, we do know that Lucas loves being a brother. He rushes out in the morning to check on him, misses him while he’s at school (and specifically states he doesn’t miss us), and asks to hold or touch him often. I’m so glad he’s taking things so well and I hope they’re always close.

A common phrase Lucas said the first week was ‘I didn’t know he was coming now’ and honestly I can relate. All these months I carried Sam around I didn’t know this was who he was and now that he’s here, I know he’s exactly what we needed and can’t imagine life without him.



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