Lucas is 3!


My sweet boy turned 3 at the start of the month and immediately following a weekend of celebration I collapsed with influenza. Consequently this post is a little late.

“Lucas is having a fun day, he building with soft blocks. When I asked him what he built, he said ‘A concert’. We wanted to take a picture of it but he told us No! He then played with dinosaurs and had fun in the sky room with his friends”

A note from his teacher that pretty well sums him up. He has a great imagination, is very creative, hates having his picture taken, LOVES dinos and running around with friends.

Lucas is a little me in so many ways. He does not like being told what to do but he also doesn’t like being alone and is a great cuddle buddy. He’s cautious but curious. He hates failure and cries when he’s disappointed others or himself. He doesn’t always have great patience but he’s empathetic to others feelings. Lucas is a major tv addict and loves Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Abbey Hatcher and Alvin and the Chimpmunks. He says ‘seriously’ all the time and it’s hilarious – I never noticed how often I say it until he started to.

Lucas is like Danny when it comes to his affinity for video games (he’ll pick up the Switch and start playing Smash Brothers when he can and loved playing Pokemon with dad in the fall) and rocker music. His favorite songs are Weapon of Choice & Rockafeller Skank by Fat Boy Slim, An Idea for A Movie by the Vandals and Blitzkrieg Bop & I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones. He also sings Yankee Doodle, Baby Finger and Mary Had A Little Lamb on repeat and loves to dance. He loves to play tackle with Dad and to play silly games before bed (ie Dad can’t control his arm for cuddles), they’re best buds and he always takes Dad’s side when he thinks we’re fighting and lets him sleep in.

In a shared likeness he prefers to stay at home and doesn’t like crowds.

He’s in soccer class with his best buds Chase and Estella. It’s not necessarily his favorite thing but he’s good about listening to coach and is developing some solid skills.

He likes going to school and I’m hoping he’ll continue to like it even after Chase moves.

He loves using the phone to watch YouTube videos of toys (mainly cars) going into water or paint and will spend hours ‘playing MewTube’ with his toys. Give this kid a bucket of water and he’ll play quietly for a long time. Bath time is also really popular as a result.

Lucas is a particular eater and basically a vegetarian but he’s getting into the habit of eating meals. He’s also getting into the habit of bedtime and even spending at least part of the evening in his room. So after years of no routine, we’re learning routines can be good.

Potty training was a no-go but his pediatrician (who he loves) isn’t concerned. Lucas is a super healthy kid (and I pray he always will be) and wants to be a doctor.

He isn’t an avid reader but we read three books a night. Usually it’s the same books for an extended period, he loves silly monster books that we use silly voices or antics for. Even though he isn’t obsessed with books he can spend hours at the library playing with toys (the horses are his favorite) and making new friends.

Lucas is a solid negotiator and bargains for EVERYTHING! He tries subtle strategies initially by suggesting something and saying ‘does that sound like a good idea’ or ‘if you want to’. When that doesn’t work it’s a hostage negotiation session, I admire his tenacity and quite frankly encourage him to be creative to get what he wants because I think it’s a good grown-up skill both Danny and I lack.

Overall Lucas is sassy, sweet and the best kid who really hates having his picture taken (evidence below).


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