On the top of my mind these days is daycare/pre-school. There are a lot of factors to consider and I want to make sure I am preparing Lucas for kindergarten the best I can. With these thoughts swirling in my head in the middle of the night Saturday, I thought of a fun craft for us to do for our Sunday morning at home.

Lucas LOVES Peppa Pig and he likes doing crafts but sometimes things I’ve tried have been too open ended for him to get really interested in. I decided to create a picture page of Peppa and George at home and break down the steps for him to  draw a picture in a simple way. I drew circles and wrote numbers for clouds/snow and wrote all the letters of the alphabet on the page. We counted the numbers as he glued cotton balls on the paper (simple dip and place) and he searched for the letters in order as he dotted them with paint.

After we let the paint dry and glue set I had him look at the picture and tell me a story about what Peppa and George were doing and wrote out what he told me on the back of the page. We both had fun and I felt good knowing he was working on numbers/letters, using fine motor skills and being creative. I asked him what theme he wants for next week and he said Onix from Pokemon – I’ve already got some ideas going!

More on my mind and calendar:

Planning Lucas’ birthday party! My Little Meatball turns 3 in just over a month. We’re taking him and his best buddies (Chase & Estella) to see Paw Patrol Live at the Fox. This week, we’re going to see Sesame Street Live with Estella – lots of big city culture around here.

Eating a lot more soups for dinner. We’re experiencing Arctic temperatures these days; therefore, soups are going to become a weekly staple. I’m making this soup tomorrow and plan to borrow a Dutch oven to make some homemade rustic bread to go with chicken and rice soup next week.

Loving this mother/son photo series

Watching: I finished Grace & Frankie (in a couple days because it’s fantastic) and my next Netflix show will be The Crown – I’m watching Victoria in the meantime.

Listening to Lucas’ playlist. Boss Man has very specific taste in music (mostly punk rock) and little interest in anything else. I simultaneously laugh and cringe when he asks Google to play Weapon of Choice and Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim…

Reading: If You Ask Me by Eleanor Roosevelt. Kat surprised me with the book a couple weeks ago and it was a treat to read. I always start my year reading ER’s You Learn by Living and this was a nice change. It has the same overall message (love first, be mindful and giving towards others, seek knowledge and be a productive human) but was delivered via excerpts from her advice column. It’s a little disturbing but mostly reassuring to know that people have literally had the same concerns for all of time (i.e. political leadership, education, healthcare, foreign relations, etc).  If you haven’t read anything by Eleanor Roosevelt, put it on your reading list – I’m happy to offer suggestions!

Cheering for Tom Brady in the Super Bowl! So is Lucas who pretends to be Tom Brady in tackle fights with dad (and of course he always wins because Brady is the G.O.A.T.). I’m also rooting for Kamala Harris in what is an alarming Democratic race – I like her but I’m not a fan of many of the other contenders.




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