150 Hours


A friend introduced me to a the #150HoursOutsideProject a challenge/support network for families who want to spend more time outside with their kids. It’s a fun resolution and one I don’t think we’ll have any trouble making. We live outside in the summer months but I hope this encourages us to spend more time outside in the winter months – it’s been so warm lately that it’s easy to play outside on the weekend when we’re home during the daylight.

The real challenge for me will be having those 150 hours be phoneless. This isn’t part of the official hashtag but it’s how I plan to count the hours. I’m a product of the times, I check my phone constantly and take a dozen pictures of Lucas a day. I love having the pictures and especially the video for our annual mini movie but I want to absorb the present – even if I forget it in the long run.

I’m sure Lucas will be more likely to remember the time I didn’t have my phone on me and if he associates those moments being outdoors, taking in the crisp air, having fun playground antics and splashing around at the pool, all the better.

I have a few ideas about outdoor winter activities but am open to ideas beyond the park across the street. Let me know your favorite parks, trails, etc. – we’ve got some hours to trek.


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