Marley & Martha


I feel very Millennial with this food subscription stuff but it really is wonderful. We have had a great experience with Hello Fresh but when I heard Martha Stewart was getting involved in the meal delivery business I couldn’t wait to try it out. Almost all the recipes I make are Martha Stewart and I dream of being as coordinated and organized as her brand.

Marley Spoon is basically the same as Hello Fresh so I won’t go over the process again. The recipes are straight forward and classic. The food was very fresh and lasted several days since we couldn’t make the meals immediately. The meals were delicious and slightly cheaper than Hello Fresh. They also have a recycling service which I appreciate because I do feel wasteful throwing away ice packs.

If you are thinking about trying a subscription service, I would recommend both. We’ll alternate based on offerings. The only caveat is make sure to pause meals weeks in advance and unpause when needed; otherwise you could end up with a box of food on your front door. Not always a bad thing but if you’re trying to plan it’s not ideal.

Bon apetit!

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