Happy Friday!


I’m going to say week one of daycare was a success. The first day was very hard for Lucas. I think he thought he was being permanently abandoned. He cried a lot. My mom went to visit him and was so heartbroken she came over in the evening to spend some time with him. I was nervous he would hold his day against me but he was SO happy when I came to pick him up. I certainly felt the love. Danny did day 2 drop-off and it was harder for me to not see him there. Lucas did better and got visits from Grandma AND Grandpa. The latter was a sweet surprise for both of us. Day 3 was smooth sailing. I dropped him off and he didn’t cry. They have bouncers and other toys we don’t and won’t have at home so I hope that helps keep him happy.

Overall it was actually easier than I expected. I really do like the center and everyone is really nice, including other parents who are very sympathetic and encouraging when they hear it’s your first baby. The fact that I’ve been at work for nearly two months, means I had a chance to adjust to that routine without worrying about Lucas (well at least not more than I normally do). Since I’m used to being away, the fact that he’s in daycare isn’t quite as stressful.

Most important to me is that he knows it’s only for hours and not forever. I saw one baby there who was so tiny and crying, I felt horrible for him and his mother- who probably doesn’t want to be away from him either. The poor little guy is new to the world and likely scared and confused. Lucas is little(ish) but he knows who we are, that he is loved and that we’re coming back. I couldn’t stand the thought of him feeling otherwise and if he had to go to daycare at 12 weeks he would have. On a long list of counted blessings, I’m grateful we were able to wait until he was 4 months (with 2 rounds of vaccines) before he started.

To celebrate, we are having a long weekend together. A little work and a couple doctor appointments but, otherwise, it’s a Mommy-Lucas day. I will be cuddling my boy, reading books and soaking in all the love before Kat comes over for Sex and the City and steals him from me. It’s been quite the hiatus but we’re still watching and will seriously make my favorite episode this time. Saturday, we’re meeting Raechel and Carlos’ baby girl Estella and preparing for our big move next week. Sunday, Gina will come over for the first time in forever.

P.S. Lucas comics are my favorite

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