Springtime Fun


To celebrate spring and because it’s been a long time since we played a six person version of BSG, I invited the Hakalas and Shiremans for a BBQ/BSG game afternoon. We had a potluck and Garrett made some delicious hamburgers with venison. Surprisingly, I didn’t press Danny to take many pictures and instead enjoyed the day. I love having our friends together and it’s extra fun since the kids are close in age.

Poor Cindel continues to try and win Gwen over but that girl is stubborn. Hours of watching Cindel videos and even talking about Cindel but when Gwen sees her in person she has no interest in sharing. Hopefully, it’ll get better with age but in the meantime, Gwen does love Lucas and says so often – it’s very sweet. We carried on our baking tradition and made pretzels that were delicious.

The kids are lots of fun but a wrench in the adult gaming plans. We didn’t end up playing but even if we did it wouldn’t have lasted long because I was suddenly hit with exhaustion, chills and a fever. Yup mastitis.

The biggest news of the day was that the house Brett and Lindsey put an offer in was accepted. It’s gorgeous and in our city and we are all very excited!


Our Grumpy Young Men

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