Happy Friday


A big week for the royal family. The Queens birthday and now a visit by the Obamas. With all this election business,  my admiration for President Obama grows. I’d love to know what they discussed but will focus on the glamour of the Cambridges. Kate is making me reconsider my plans for ice cream tonight, William is igniting my shopping bug for Danny and I can’t believe my Lucas shares Prince George’s fair complexion.

I shopped for myself today and bought a dress for my mystery Mother’s Day brunch. Kat went with us and we had a great visit. She gave me a Team Cap t-shirt that will also be worn on MD when Danny and I go see Civil War. Tomorrow, the Lucas Grand Tour continues and he will meet Tchinarold and Melanie. We are having a BBQ/BSG game day with Gina/Garrett and Lindsey/Brett. Perhaps the boys will be awake at the same time and I’m going to make soft pretzels with the girls. Sunday we’re going to visit Cara and Matt on the ‘farm’ and Gina will come over for OUAT. I also need to walk 6.5 miles – here’s hoping the weather cooperates. Tonight the Pistons play the Cavs at home and hopefully beat LaBron.

P.S. The Mixed People Club

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