Green Dot

Green Dot Stables can be found in the south side of Corktown.  When it opened a couple years ago it was a desolate area, now it’s next to new construction homes and Johnny Noodle King is across the street.*  The new venture intrigued me in 2012 and even though I hardly went out to lunch, I sent around the menu at work and Steve joined me for pick up.  It was the first week of opening, the restaurant had no liquor license and was getting used to meeting incoming orders.  Consequently, we had to wait awhile but were offered complimentary drinks and sliders (a wrong order).

Free food and a parking lot wins me over every time. I’ve probably been to Green Dot more than any other Detroit eatery (Slows being the sole exception).  The fun raceway interior, buzzing crowd and low prices are hard to beat.  Nearly everything on the menu (cocktails included) is $3 or $4. It’s a tricky psychological game because Danny and I end up ordering more than we need to because who can resist?

Located outside of the Michigan Avenue thoroughfare, Green Dot has no problem attracting customers.  Prepare to wait but it’s worth it.  If you’re looking for menu tips, my favorite order is the lamb and catfish sliders, a side of truffle fries and the Green Dot Wallbanger cocktail.

*The owner of Green Dot also owns JNK.

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