Gold Cash Gold

Last year Danny and I previewed Gold Cash Gold on the Corktown walking tour and were even able to talk with chef Josh Stockton in his apartment.  I’ve been anxious to check it out ever since and this weekend we finally got our chance. We hit the town with Gina and Garrett Saturday night and … More Gold Cash Gold

Ottava Via

Ottava Via is one of the many restaurants on Michigan Avenue that makes Corktown a popular destination.  It opened in 2013 but since it looks so fancy on the outside I assumed it was a high end restaurant and held off my visit until Gina insisted we check it out.  I was pleasantly surprised to … More Ottava Via

Green Dot

Green Dot Stables can be found in the south side of Corktown.  When it opened a couple years ago it was a desolate area, now it’s next to new construction homes and Johnny Noodle King is across the street.*  The new venture intrigued me in 2012 and even though I hardly went out to lunch, … More Green Dot

The Floyd Leg

In my endless quest to beat The New York Times to the scoop, I couldn’t have been more excited to discover The Floyd Leg earlier this fall. My co-worker, Michael, saw the product at his neighbor’s apartment and was immediately taken by the unique piece of furniture. The Floyd Leg is a creative furniture piece … More The Floyd Leg

Johnny Noodle King

In the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge, surrounded by the remnants of riverfront industry, Johnny Noodle King stands out in bright red.  The new hot spot isn’t exactly on the beaten path but I think that’s what makes Detroit unique.  Entrepreneurs are taking risks and stimulating growth in parts of the city that a lot … More Johnny Noodle King

El Dorado

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed I’m working on my home office.  I’m pleased with the progress but am in need of one more signature piece. I found the perfect item on the El Dorado General Store Facebook page – a metal old English D – and decided to pick it up after … More El Dorado

The Bagel Business

I’m a problem solver by nature.  If I see a deficiency I want to fix it.  Well, if I’m completely honest I’d rather someone else fill void.  Not because I don’t want to do the work but I generally don’t feel confident enough to do it myself.  This blog is a prime example.  I wanted … More The Bagel Business