El Dorado

Corktown Detroit El Dorado General Store
If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed I’m working on my home office.  I’m pleased with the progress but am in need of one more signature piece. I found the perfect item on the El Dorado General Store Facebook page – a metal old English D – and decided to pick it up after work.
I don’t post about all my city activities and didn’t plan on blogging about this trip either.  Instead I had another mission in mind.  First and foremost the D.  Second, talk to the shop owner.  I wouldn’t say I am a shy person but I can be intimidated and self-conscious.  I’m never afraid to speak with people because I’m mission driven; however, once the mission is accomplished I leave. I’m not great at savoring the moment and relaxing.  While I could use this as a weakness if I ever get a job interview, I’d much rather fix the problem.  Lucky for me, Detroit is full of friendly people.  I find this to be especially true with local entrepreneurs.  They’re people fulfilling their dreams and are therefore pretty welcoming.  I was banking on that when I went to talk to shop owner, Erin.
Corktown Detroit El Dorado General Store

It was easy enough to start conversation by asking for the item I was looking for. Unfortunately, she sold out. This wasn’t especially surprising because El Dorado is a vintage shop full of unique finds. However, since the item was so popular, Erin is working with a local artist to create some new designs (and hopefully some more Ds).

With my first objective met, I moved on to the second.  This was a challenge.  I’m not good with small talk.  I ramble or interview.  As a woman of extremes there is no middle ground.  I did my best to discover balance and felt that I made progress overall.  It helped that Erin was friendly and easy to talk with.  So yes, a personal victory I couldn’t help but share if only to remind myself to do this more often.

Corktown Detroit El Dorado General Store

While I refrained from issuing an interview request this time, it is still on my to-do list.  In the meantime, El Dorado is a picture perfect store and worth the trip if only to see the chandelier!  With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s also a great place to find a special holiday gift.

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