Happy Friday!

The West Wing ruined me.  The characters on this show fanned the flames of my pre-existing interest in government and politics.  The West Wing is a stark contrast to the political shows on television now: House of Cards, Scandal and VEEP.  Those shows feed into the cynicism that pervades society these days. The West Wing showcased the ideals our Founding Fathers had when they created this democratic nation.  Unfortunately, I find myself a victim of the malaise I previously scorned.  It’s not so much that I lack faith in the government, I lack faith in the voters (or non-voters as is more generally the case).  This makes me a hypocrite and I hate nothing more than hypocrisy. Consequently, I’ve signed up to GOTV (get out the vote) this month.  At the moment it seems like a chore but perhaps I’ll find some of the passion I’ve lost.
My volunteerism starts this weekend and I’ll be knocking on some doors for the first time in years on Sunday.  Tonight is date night.  Danny and I will be going to the Created Equal film series hosted by the Detroit Public Library and U of M. Since Danny isn’t one for documentaries or lectures, dinner is the carrot being used to entice him.  After a shamefully long hiatus we’re going to Eastern Market tomorrow.  I will probably be unable to resist some beignets or soliciting some unsuspecting vendor.  Otherwise, the weekend will be dominated by football. The Irish and MSU play good games.  The Lions play the Bills and should win if they’re actually a decent team this year.  It should be a nice relaxing weekend and I’m looking forward to it.

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