Corktown Home Tour: 6th Street Lofts

Detroit loft

Lisa and Scott know how to decorate.  When we entered their apartment I honestly thought it was a gift shop or book store.  Walking around the unit I felt like I was on a Hollywood set tour.  Every detail of their home is thoughtfully laid out and not an item is out of place.  Although it was crowded, I had the chance to speak with Lisa about her experience in the city and her words hit me hard.

As we were talking I made a casual joke about the ridiculous cost of car insurance.*  She laughed – you laugh or cry about these sorts of things – but said the cost to live in Detroit was worth it for the tight knit community and proximity to activity.  Now this hardly seems like a revelation (it’s what everyone says) but when she said it something clicked.  I love New York. The people who live there spend a ridiculous amount for the ‘privilage’ because the amenities and lifestyle are worth it. You’re paying for the experience. We’re not looking to buy a house right now but will in 2015 and the marbles on the balance weigh more heavily in Detroit’s favor every day.

Regardless of where we move, I want to snag some decorating tips from Lisa.  If this wasn’t a Detroit blog I’d bet you’d think this was a Chicago loft.

Detroit loft
This cove under the loft bed is a majestic hideaway.

Detroit loft
I’m not a loft person, but warehouse windows are hard to beat.

Detroit loft
The industrial bathroom is too cool.  I love the hooks on the towel rack.

Detroit loft
Bikes hang from the ceiling!

*Car insurance is seriously the #1 reason I’m apprehensive about moving to Detroit.  Thankfully, Mayor Duggan is working on it.

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